ALB: 'Margaret Joan and Fred Nye'

All-Weather Lifeboat

Severn Class - "Margaret Joan and Fred Nye"
Length: 17m (55ft 9in)
Beam: 5.9m (19.3ft)
Displacement: 41 tonnes
Speed: 25 knots
Range: 250n. miles
Crew: 6
Construction: Fibre Reinforced Composite

Portrush's Severn Class All-Weather Lifeboat (ALB) - "Margaret Joan and Fred Nye". The Severn Class lifeboat is the largest in the fleet and is designed to lie afloat. Introduced in 1996 it carries a Y Class inflatable daughter boat, which can be deployed in moderate conditions to access areas where the lifeboat cannot reach. Severns have a comprehensive electronics kit including full MF and VHF DSC radio equipment, DGPS Navigator, an electronic chart system, VHF/DF, Radar and weather sensors. For added manoeuvrability, in addition to twin engines the Severn also has a bow thruster fitted. The Severn is constructed of fibre reinforced composite material. Provision for survivors includes comprehensive First Aid Equipment including stretchers, Oxygen and Entonox. Severns carry a salvage pump in a water-tight container, but fire-fighting capacity is limited to Own-ship only.